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Wedding Videography or Wedding Cinematography?

As a Bride or Groom planning your wedding, looking to preserve the memories from your big day. You have probably heard or seen the terminology 'wedding videography' or 'wedding cinematography' banded about, almost like they mean the same thing. While they are both similar and both document your day, both are still very different. Very different.

Videography is defined in the dictionary as 'the process of making video films'.

Usually chronological, videography is meant to record an entire event from start to finish without the need or skill of artistry. That might sound harsh but its true, a wedding videographer doesn't need to tell a story or use creativity, they are there to document the day as it happens. Using large video cameras typically with wide angled lens, trying to capture everything. Usually a wedding videographer will use an on-camera microphone to capture all of the audio, from the speeches, ceremony and sometimes if you're unlucky, the people talking next to the camera. The editing style of videography is also quite different. There's no need to piece the footage together to tell the story of the couple, as the story tells itself in a chronological manner and focuses more on the wedding day rather than the couple and their story.

Wedding Videography Example

We're sorry this isn't someone more local but we didn't think it would be fair. It's also a really bad wedding video.

Cinematography is defined in the dictionary as 'the art or science of motion-picture photography'.

Cinematography to us is the art of designing a piece of film of movie quality, worthy of the big screen. Even just hearing 'cinema' or 'cinematic' immediately brings to mind, Hollywood movies, TV shows and music videos. It's combining creativity with a camera and the art of storytelling to focus on the Bride and Groom and their love story. A cinematographer will try and provide more than just film production of your wedding, we want to create an experience that completely submerges the viewer in the story. That story being your wedding day and as if the viewer was actually there. A wedding cinematographer will generally meet up with you several times before a the wedding, this is to connect on a personal level, grow the connection and build that all important rapport. The better your cinematographer gets to know you, the more personal and unique to your love story your film will be. They will draw inspiration from the couple, their story, their style, their life, the venue and even the wedding itself. I told you it was an experience.

Wedding Cinematography Example

This is what we do. What we love. Here's one of our wedding films.

Now...the big question. Why Tall Tale Films?

Tall Tale Films specialise in high quality cinematic wedding films, not only to document your day but to remind you of the love, emotion and excitement that you will feel on your wedding day. We use 4K and ultra-HD capable cameras in the Sony A7S II's, these things were made for wedding filmmaking. We have a everything you need to cinematically capture your wedding day from high quality lenses, tripods and monopods to setup cameras and cover multiple angles to the broadcast quality lavalier microphones to record your vows and speeches perfectly. We use gimbals and drones to create that blockbuster look then poetically weave your footage together creating a beautiful story told by you. We're also very happy in ourselves and our work which we've been told makes for a very relaxed and stress free wedding day for the Bride and Groom.

To conclude this blog post, wedding videography records your day and wedding cinematography tells the story of your love using your wedding day. We're not saying one is better than the other, different strokes for different folks and all that. Videography though is beginning to look a little outdated with so many new modern cameras and techniques. 25 years experience means nothing if you're still using 1990's film techniques.

If you still have any questions regarding wedding videography or cinematography then we'd be delighted if you got in touch here.

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