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Wedding Nightmares

It's the morning of 27th October 2018, my wedding morning. I'm standing dripping wet with a towel wrapped around my waist and my phone to my ear, after dashing from the shower to answer it. I make it just in time to answer a call from my future Father-In-Law, he's probably calling me to wish me luck and that he'll see me soon but I had to answer it to make sure. "Sorry...what did you say....what...what do you mean? Very funny, you can't be seri..." I stare in disbelief out of my front window, a puddle starts to form on the floor where I stand as if all all the excitement has just drained from my body through tiny holes in my toes. My future Father-In-L...no, my ex-Fiance's dad has just told me he can no longer let me marry his daughter and the wedding is off. The phone slips from my hand and smashes on the floor and BANG I wake up.

It's really the middle of the night, sometime in July and I've just had a wedding nightmare. It felt more like my world was ending. I even felt a little bit of anxiety writing that, it brought it all back, clear as day. It was so vivid, so real that I was hooked line and sinker.

Stop the world, I'm getting off!

The good news? It's not real, it doesn't mean anything. The bad news? If you're anything like me, this probably wont be the last time you'll be woken up in the middle of the night worrying about your wedding. It's the biggest day of your life, you have put hours into meticulously planning every aspect and you only want it to be perfect. Of course, this constant thinking, planning, worrying, saving, worrying...did I say worrying...during the day will manifest in dream (nightmare) form while you sleep.

Dreams have baffled scientists for years and there is no hard proof why we dream at all. According to experts, everyone dreams between 3 and 6 times a night but 95% are forgotten by the time we wake up. A number of possible causes include, dreams represent unconscious desires and wishes, or that they interpret random electrical signals from the brain and body during sleep, or consolidate and process information gathered during the day. They can also act like a form of therapy, a way of processing your anxieties, like talking it through with a friend, instead that friend is you and you're talking it through with yourself.

You aren't alone either, us old wedding suppliers also suffer from wedding nightmares. We know how important your wedding is and simply put, we cannot f*** it up, end of. There are no do-overs. So sometimes that pressure takes its toll and causes anxiety dreams or nightmares the exact same way it does for our couples. Recently Big Al dreamt that we were both out in Glasgow (a dream situation for many I know) and we had forgotten that we had a wedding that day. By the time we had remembered it was already mid afternoon and we didn't have any equipment with us, so we turned up very late and filmed it on our mobile phones.

If you are struggling with anxiety or feeling overwhelmed about planning your wedding like many people do, talk to your friends, family or even us. We're more than happy to act as a way of sounding off, come for a coffee and a chat and tell us about all your worries, I can't promise we'll fix it but I can promise you'll feel better about whatever situation is causing concern.

We've never had any comments on our blog posts, so please make it a first and tell us what weird and wonderful wedding nightmare you've had. It'll be like group therapy.

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