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Should I Hire A Wedding Filmmaker?

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

This is a question I have been asking myself a lot recently, as I am getting married in October this year. I know what you're thinking, wow he's a wedding filmmaker and he's not even getting a wedding film. Honestly? It all came down to budget, and coming from a photography background, (and also good, and I mean really good wedding films are a very recent addition to the wedding scene and quite frankly, difficult to find) I thought a wedding album was more important. I started thinking about it and decided that we (i.e. my future wife) would make room in the budget for a good wedding film and I'll explain why here.

Happiness Personified / Image by Murray McMillan Photography

Basics...What's the point?

If you ask any of our recent brides what they remember from their wedding day, every single one of them will probably tell you how quickly the day passes and it all feels like a bit of a blur. By getting a wedding film you also get to see parts of the wedding that you would never have got to see, like your guests arriving or your handsome Groom waiting nervously at the altar. One of my reasons being, you get to see your beautiful bride to be, getting ready and everything the morning of a wedding entails from the brides perspective. I also know that I want to be able to watch her walk down the aisle over and over again.

I'm Paying For A Photographer, Surely I Don't Need A Video Too?

Photographs are incredibly important, these images are going to be hung as art in the family home for decades to come, kept in a wallet to remind you of home while travelling or to show the grandchildren at family parties.

My favourite photos from weddings are the images that capture emotion and tell a story. Usually moments caught in an instant, like the first glimpse the groom gets of his bride and his face is full of nerves, excitement, love and emotion. Imagine what it's like to watch that on film? Even as I write this, that thought really gets me in the chest. I've seen it so many times, with couples I have grown very fond of and I could watch it over and over and over again.

For me it's not about having photos or a video, I decided they were too different to compare and both fantastic in their own way. We decided that if we wanted to capture a lot of the emotion and intricate details, we had to have a wedding film.

I Cant Afford A Photographer And A Wedding Videographer!

This is the tricky part and the exact situation I was in. We really want both quality photos and an amazing video to look back on, so we made room in the budget elsewhere. If you're not able to make room in your wedding budget then all is not lost. However, you do need to make a decision what is more important to you. Good quality photos or a professionally made cinematic wedding film?

If you choose a wedding film is more important, quality digital cameras these days are becoming more and more accessible, chances are you will know someone who does photography or will be just starting out shooting weddings so will be much more affordable. Facebook groups are full of photographers willing to shoot full day weddings starting at £300, whether the quality is up to your standards, you can decide.

If photos are more important, the same thing applies. Ask a couple of friends to help out but be warned, we know how difficult it is filming and editing wedding films, but if its not that important to you, the home movie look will give you a reminder on film to look back on too.

Are Wedding Films Expensive?

It's all relative. What one person thinks is affordable, another may find this too expensive. Without going too philosophical on you, just like photographers, most wedding film companies will have different packages. A film covering just the basics will be cheaper than a film covering a 3 day event.

Contrary to above, we currently only offer one package that covers everything but this may change in the future and if you don't want full day coverage, then discuss your needs with us and we can put something together for you.

We explain the different types of wedding film here, which also may effect costs. Take into account style, finished product and whats included in the package.

If you would like to discuss your wedding, you can either chat to us live using the chat function on this page, send us an email or Facebook message. We will always help out wherever can.


Andy Samuel is one of the founding partners of Tall Tale Films. He is getting married in October this year and knows the effort his Fiance is putting in to planning their wedding. If you would to discuss this article with Andy or his Fiance then get in touch. Nicola will be waaaaaaay more insightful than Andy.

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