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Humanist Weddings with Claire The Humanist

Claire doing what she does best. Ceremonies full of love and laughter, it really is the tonic ;-)

At Tall Tale Films we love weddings. All weddings regardless of size and belief are fantastic, they bring people together to celebrate love and it makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. Really it does! We do however have a soft spot for any type of wedding that is personal, that is full of emotion, that when we come to the edit it can bring us to tears.

One type of wedding that is more than capable of delivering a ceremony full of emotion is a Humanist ceremony. So today we have our first ever guest blog post, OK not really as much as a guest post but a stolen (with permission) post.

Without further ado here is Claire Digance to tell you all about it. You'll like her, she's a little bit of us. Just follow the link below...

Let's Talk About Humanist Weddings by Claire Digance (Claire The Humanist)


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