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How To Post Your Wedding Film To Facebook.

The best way for you to share your wedding highlight film with your friends and family, is for you to share it from your own Facebook page. We would absolutely love it if you can tag us so we can see all the amazing reactions of people gushing over how beautiful you look.

Below is a set of instructions on how to post a video on Facebook and tag Tall Tale Films.

1. Download and save your wedding highlight film.

All great films start at the beginning and we are no different. First things first, you need to download your wedding highlight from the link contained in the email we sent you. When you click on the link you will be taken to a download page. Click on the downward arrow in the top right hand corner. You may receive a warning that the file can't be scanned for virus' due to its size, however we guarantee we will never supply infected files. If you receive the warning click 'Download Anyway' which will start the download immediately.

2. Log In To Facebook

Go to www.facebook.com and log on as you normally would.

3. Upload The Highlight Film

At the top of your news feed or at the top of your own page, click on 'Photo/Video'. You will the be asked to select the video or photo you would like to upload. As you have just downloaded the highlight film this will show in your 'Downloads' folder. Click on the highlight film and then 'Choose'.

Click the Photo/Video button

Select the highlight film and click choose

4. Write Your Post And Tag Tall Tale Films

This ones important! We absolutely love to see all your friends gush over your beautiful wedding film but even more importantly we don't advertise. We only go on word of mouth and recommendations so by tagging us in your post, everybody will know who.

As you can see from the image below, if you type @TallTaleFilms on your post it will tag our page and we will be forever grateful!

Please please please tag us!

5. Wait for the amazing response from all your friends and family :)


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