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How To Download Our Videos

"Do or do not. There is no try. - Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back

We've finished filming. We've spent hours over your edit. We've watched it back a million times. We've sent your download link and we're delighted to have another happy client. Then BAM!!! We get an email back saying they don't know how to download and save the video we've created.

Fear not, as this is a very common issue that we are now hopefully going to resolve. Below you will find instructions on how to download and safely save your brand new work of art.

1. Once your payment has been received, we will send you a payment receipt and a link to download your video. The email will look very similar if not exactly the same as the one above.

By clicking on the hyperlink (this is the part thats usually highlighted in blue) that says "Download link to the best video ever created", you will be taken to our online storage facility, which will look similar to below.

2. Once you have followed the link to your video, you will now have to download it and store it somewhere safe. The reason for this, is because we are constantly moving files and video around and can't guarantee your video will be available on this link forever.

By clicking on this wee downward arrow, you will be able to download your video on to your own PC/laptop/USB etc. We recommend storing important videos on either a USB or external hard drive and backing these up if possible.

After clicking on the arrow, you may receive a similar warning. This is due to the video file being large. We will never supply a video file that has been infected with any type of virus. Click the button that says "Download Anyway" and your video will start to download.

3. Once your video has downloaded successfully you will normally find the file in your downloads file (unless you have specified another folder). From here you can now move or post your video wherever you like. If you need help posting the video to social media, you never know there might just be a blog post round the corner explaining how. Sign up to our mailing list below not to miss anything.


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