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How To Avoid Wedding Day Stress.

Stress can be overwhelming at the best of times. On one of the most important days of your life, it can ruin the day.

I know that I am nowhere near my best, creatively and emotionally when I am stressed. I go into panic mode and all creativity and emotional connection goes out the window. The same applies to you on your wedding day. You should be emotionally present on the day, after all you have planned and worked hard, to get to this day, you deserve to enjoy the experience.

Let me tell you a tall tale from another wedding videographer which can be common on a wedding day.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the video team were arriving at a Catholic Church to setup for the wedding ceremony and were greeted by a very angry and irate Priest. Time was already very short, which can happen when moving from location to location but is very much manageable. They only had a few minutes to setup audio recorders, put a microphone on the groom and get into position for the start of the ceremony. Only problem? The bride hadn't arrived yet. More so, she hadn't even left and was still over 20 minutes away. The Priest, who was now visibly upset, was incessantly checking his watch every 15 seconds, laid into the video team with a barrage of derogatory comments about photographers and videographers always making the bride late, that they should be more respectful of the sanctity of the church and why it is important for the ceremony to start on time.

What the Priest didn't realise, was that the bride in no way was late because of photo or video work. She was late because her hair and make up artist had gotten lost at 6am and had turned up 45 minutes late. Even though this happened first thing in the morning, it left her short on time to do hair and make up for 9 bridesmaids, the mother of the bride and of course the bride herself.

This left the Priest, Bride, Mother of the Bride, Groom, photographer and the video team all running on higher stress levels than needed and less in the moment. This is what we like to call 'the ripple effect'. It's when a particular action earlier in the day, puts pressure and strain on the rest of the carefully planned wedding day. The sad part is that not only is everybody more stressed out, the photographer and videographer had virtually no time to work with the bride before she was running down to aisle.

To avoid this best you can, so you can enjoy the one of the best days of your life. Here are our best tips to avoid stressful situations on your wedding day.

  1. 'Time Lie' To Everyone! - If someone arrives 30 minutes early, then they aren't arriving late. One of our biggest tips to all of our clients is always pad out your timeline. If something takes 30 minutes pad it out to 45 minutes to an hour. If something over runs, usually the only time available to make that back is with the photographer and videographer loosing time. If family have to arrive at the house at 10am, tell them 9.30am. It's much better to be looking at them, than looking for them.

  2. Plan For The Unexpected - The weather, traffic, some peoples' inability to be on time can cause major stress on your wedding day, time is usually tight and there are normally multiple locations involved. Do your research, odds are you will drive to your venue(s) before the big day, so time yourself and if it takes 15-20 minutes on your trial run, plan for 30-40 minutes. You can drive round the block a couple of times or get extra time with your photo and video vendors before walking down the aisle. Staying in the West of Scotland, we know all too well what rain looks like. It's always a good idea to have a dedicated rain location, so that if bad weather rears its ugly head, you still have a fabulous location for photographs and video. If in doubt ask your venue they will always have a ton of suggestions.

  3. Let It Go, Let It Go - You have chosen your maid of honour and your best man wisely, so leave any on the day mishaps up to them to sort, they've got your back. You have searched far and wide for the best vendors out there, that you trust implicitly. Let all your worries go. This is by far the single most important piece of advice we can give. Let all your stress and worry go, and let your vendors do what they do best. We've seen a few brides ruin their own wedding day experience by being caught up in things that don't really matter. Nobody cares that the flower girl didn't spread petals down the aisle, or the bridesmaids are standing in the wrong place. Everybody is here to see you marry the love of your life. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the day. Que sera sera.

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