Allun + Gillian

St Patricks RC Church | Coatbridge | Lanarkshire

Allun + Gillian were married in the beautiful St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church right in the middle of Coatbridge. We got the impression from the speeches and the guests that this was a wedding long overdue. They met at work and became the best of friends, supporting each other through difficult times and even worse relationships. Finally, after a few years, they wanted more and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Allun + Gillian wanted the focus of the whole day to be all about friends and family, oh and superheroes! They absolutely nailed it, as you can see the love from the couple, family and friends poured out of everyone...and of course, they then changed in a phone box and flew off into the sunset to rescue a cat up a tree.


*DISCLOSURE; not all of the last sentence may be true.



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